Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

For the record, I really hate South Park, but the producers of the show, like everybody else in this country have the right to express themselves without intimidation, including about the subject of the alleged prophet Mohamed. That is why I support Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. See also Ari Armstrong's arguments for a further defense. Above is my entry.


Earl3d said...

Nice job! I wouldn't have thought of putting him in a fez, but I think it really works. It's a good look.

lawyerjourno said...

Right to freedom of speech should be respected at all cost. I do not understand the logic behind various governments saying sorry to Muslims for ‘Prophet Cartoons.’ It is quite strange to see the same Muslims are hurting the sentiments of all and killing innocents, and no body is showing their anger to it; rather, people who are using their right to expression are caught and punished. There is nothing wrong in portraying Prophet, after all what harm does cause to anyone. As a person prophet belonged to everyone and not to Islam only. V

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