Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Today is March 18, 2003 and war is imminent. It is expected to be no more than about a day away. Prager's show today started out by talking about the coming war and reviewing the justifications for it and the inadequacy of the arguments against it. He also talked about Rachel Corrie, the "American" "protestor" who died when she tried to stop an Israeli bulldozer trying to destroy a terrorist's home. In the second hour he talked about the New York Times finally acknowledging that Paul Ehrlich had been wrong all those years when he predicted a population explosion and asked callers if they had fewer children as a result of listening to zero population group arguments. Prager concluded in the third hour with a discussion of what children should be told about the war. He thought children should be told that there are some bad guys in the world but we're about to take care of them. The Lone Ranger was used as an example of the kind of fiction that children could draw important lessons from.

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