Wednesday, April 05, 2006


While rumors of a supposed attack on Iran continue to circulate, Dr Walid Phares, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, writes a worrisome article at The Counterterrorism Blog. Here are some key points:
If –or when the US- will engage in military activities against the Iranian regime over the nuclear crisis, one has to expect that Tehran would use its assets to respond against US targets in the region and beyond.
of course Tehran will respond; obviously it had already considered, planned and even deployed its assets in that regard; and mais bien sur it will use its own intelligence services, Hizbollah and its other allies.
While a future Jihad analysis leads directly to a conclusion asserting the inevitability of an Iranian counter-strike, my concern is that Washington is still struggling with its possibility not with its certainty. That a Washington Post article is raising media eye brows just because it is warning about that “possibility,” raises our eye brows about the readiness to the Iran noises of War. In short: we should not allow another 9/11 to surprise us, let alone to even occur. In shorter: The Khumeinists are preparing for it, and that shouldn’t surprise us.

Read the whole thing -- the extent of Hizbollah's reach is frightening precisely because we're doing so little to counter its source in Iran. I certainly hope that the administration is planning to attack Iran but sometimes I wonder whether whatever they choose to do will be too little, too late. Once again one is reminded that some lonely wise souls have called for attacking Iran for some time now.