Monday, March 24, 2003

Prager's quality deteriorated severely during the third hour. He had on a guest, a Rabbi Mark Gaffney (sp?) who had written a new book called "Mystery of Sex." The book was apparently published by Simon & Schuster though during a quick search I could find no trace of it on the Internet. According to the author, the book is about the relationship between the sexual and erotic based on Kabbalistic stories. Kabbalistic refers to deriving from Jewish mysticism. Since the first ten or so minutes of discussion lived up to the author's mystical intent I stopped listening so my comments are only based on these minutes. Religion is still the original mysticism and mysticism by its very nature is irrational. It's a confusing statistic today that many self-proclaimed mystics are more rational (at least in their moral conclusions) than many so-called scientists and that has to do with the corruption of reason in the sciences over many centuries but it does not make the original mystics at base any more rational. It simply means we should not be fooled by either.

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