Friday, September 12, 2008

Register publishes my letter

Yesterday the print edition of the Orange County Register published my letter to the editor in support of Craig Biddle's column from September 10 that McCain, Obama are soul mates. It can be found here (second letter from top):

It was edited only slightly:

Craig Biddle's op-ed correctly illustrates the essential moral equivalence of the two major candidates for president. Some who might agree with Biddle may think the solution is to vote for a third-party candidate. If so, they missed the point. The point is to create cultural conditions – specifically, greater support for reason, liberty and justice among the public – so that the likes of McCain and Obama would not have a chance of winning a national election: They would both be booed of the stage.

Such an educational (not political) campaign takes time but is worthwhile, and it has been done before, in the 19th-century abolition movement.

Gideon Reich, Aliso Viejo

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