Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The response to Nick Provenzo's blog post on Sarah Palin and abortion continues and has reached even more outrageous and offensive levels. It is now reported on Nick's blog Rule of Reason that Barbara Simpson, a right wing talk show host, has said the following:
There was a day when someone would take somebody like this Provenzo guy out in an alley and beat him beyond whatever. He deserves it.
As Nick writes, "this is the disgusting nature of the "Pro-Life" movement in action." Clearly this is the logical consequence of talking about "killing" and "murdering babies" when describing abortions. In this respect Nick's response is the proper one, I quote his conclusion below:
And if some moron you whipped up into a frenzy does beat me or does kill me as so many who think like you have wished in this past week, I feel secure in guaranteeing you this: thousands will take my place. You and your ilk cannot win here and you will not; not when right and reason are on the side of the good.

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Renee Katz said...

These anti-life people are full of love and compassion for zygotes and they want to kill adult humans because they disagree with them. Not only are they histrionic personalities, they might be schizophrenic too.