Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Couple of Entertaining Puzzle Games

Hat-tip Luboš Motl:
  1. Smartkit I/O Game
    -- No Instructions. You have to figure out what the goal is and how to reach it. Took me about half an hour.
  2. Chinese IQ River Test Comments and Instructions by Luboš Motl:
  3. The Japanese employers use this test to hire employees in the IT sector. You should get all the people to the other side of the river. Either learn Chinese (in which the game above is written) or click the blue disk for the game to start. Clicking a person moves him or her to or from the boat. Right-click the Flash and choose "rewind" to start from the scratch.

    • The boat only operates with 1 or 2 people aboard; press a stick with the red button(s) to move
    • The mother, the father, or cop are needed for the boat to move
    • The prisoner kills any member of the family if the cop is not there as well
    • The mother kills a son if the father is not around
    • The father kills a daughter if the mother is not around

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