Thursday, March 27, 2008

California Homeschooling Case to be Re-heard

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, the Court of Appeals has agreed to re-hear the recent court case threatening homeschooling in California:
On March 25, the California Court of Appeal granted a motion for rehearing in the In re Rachel L. case—the controversial decision which purported to ban all homeschooling in that state unless the parents held a teaching license qualifying them to teach in public schools.

The automatic effect of granting this motion is that the prior opinion is vacated and is no longer binding on any one, including the parties in the case.
This is good news: At minimum, parents without teaching credentials are no longer considered criminals for doing what's in the best interests of their children. And hopefully, the Court will rule permanently in favor of the right of parents to homeschool their children.


Rational Jenn said...

Awesome! You and your wife must be so relieved!

Gideon said...

Our personal situation is a little different as at the moment we are going through a public charter. However, for now this is good news. Still, the next worry will be how the appeal will turn out.