Monday, September 11, 2006

Last Post ... for now

While we are all thinking about that dark day and lamenting the inadequacy of the present war effort, I'll take this 5th anniversary of 9/11 to make the following announcement:

As has no doubt become evident to anybody still reading this blog, my priorities have shifted and I have not been posting as much lately, with only a single post during the entire month of August. With this post I'm making it official -- I'm suspending my writing. I hope to return some time in the future but it may take months.


Nicholas Provenzo said...

I look forward to your esteemed arm-chairing.



Martin Lindeskog said...


Have a relaxing blog break and see you around in the blogosphere!

All the Best,


softwareNerd said...

Ever since I switched from checking out blogs "manually" to simply adding them to a reader/aggregator, the frequency of posts is no longer an issue for me. I focus on quality.

So, your blog's feed will stay in my reader and I'll be reading your next post, even if it's a year from now!

Mike N said...

Good luck on your other endeavors.

Mike N