Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Objective Standard: Summer 2006

Just received my new issue today and looking forward to reading all the articles. This time I've restrained myself from reading the articles online so I have much to look forward to. However I did make an exception for Craig Biddle's article "Religion vs. Free Speech". And I am glad I did, as it is a very topical, scholarly, and of course, principled essay on the absurdity of basing a free speech defense on religion. Here an excerpt:
On the premises of religion, there is no right to free speech; there is only the “right” to say what is permitted by “God.” This conclusion follows logically not only from the content of religion, but also, and more fundamentally, from its method—that is, from the means by which its content is “known” to be “true.”
Anybody interested in principled ideas ought to be a subscriber of TOS.

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