Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Technological Achievement

Some good news on this blog for a change:

From asahi.com, the English edition of the Japanese Asahi Shimbun. The picture you can see above shows a little square to the left of the finger and a distinctive black dot to the right. The square on the left is an integrated circuit (IC) measuring 0.4 mm. The latest achievement however is the black dot on the right. Hitachi Ltd has created the world's smallest IC chip at 0.15 mm by 0.15 mm. Its thickness is 0.0075 mm! Asahi.com reports:
If an antenna is attached, the chip will still be thinner than paper for copy machines, and the information can be obtained without being touched by a reader, they added.

The newly developed chip can be used in a number of other ways, the officials said. Used with the Internet, for example, it can track the flow of products for home-delivery services.

The chip can also contain information about food, such as who raised the product and who distributed it.

In addition, it can be incorporated in bank notes, securities certificates and government documents to prevent forgeries.

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