Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Around the Web

This will hopefully one day be a military transport. To find out more click here.
Elizabeth M. Whelan of the American Council on Science and Health had a torturous encounter with a person of hate. Ignorance of pharmaceutical companies is unfortunately far too prevalent.
Update 9/15/2005 -- fixed link to Walrus.


Gus Van Horn said...


The military transport looks interesting, but your link merely goes to a bare image.

Your previous post, BTW, is excellent.


Gideon said...

I fixed the link. Sorry about that.

Also, thanks for the compliment! I usually intend to write much more ambitious analyses only to scale them back due to lack of time. As far as I'm concerned I still have not reached the quality I'm looking for in my posts.

Also, time constraints have kept me from maintaining a daily schedule but I hope to keep posting something every few days or so.