Wednesday, April 02, 2003

On a lighter note
This little item from the Jerusalem Post caught my eye. The article informatively entitled First-ever religious channel kicks off this weekend mentions efforts to provide television programming for the Jewish Orthodox community in Israel. Here are some samples of what they can expect to see:

A soap opera tracking the rivalries, ambitions, and secrets of a Tel Aviv hassidic court...

The Modest and the Charming, a chat show presented by eight religious women dealing with women's issues, male-female relations, Jewish and social affairs and The Wandering Jew, a travel show revisiting the various places where Jewish communities have thrived, hosted by religious actor Jackie Levi.

Beit Midrash Techelet will also air, mixing Kabbala and mysticism with psychology, self knowledge and science.

Of course, what really caught my eye was the following paradoxical statement:

He also said that efforts will be made to reach out to the haredi community in a way that will not require them to "buy a whole cow for a cup of milk," explaining that since many haredi families don't own televisions, Techelet might reach them through the sale of videotapes.

It was not made clear in the article what people who don't own televisions are supposed to do with videotapes. :-)

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